Arctic Breeze

$14.99 Sold Out
Clear Gloss Polycarbonate Frame UV400 Impact Resistant Reflective Blue Lens A Portion of the Proceeds goes to Help Keep the Polar Bears cool in the Summer 

Flap Jacks | Blue Tortoise/Green

Gloss Blue Tortoise Polycarbonate Frame W/ Black Temples UV 400, Impact Resistant Red Mood Enhancing Lenses

Flap Jacks | White & Blue Duotone

"Oh Darlin" -Jon Dickson UV400 Impact Resistant Blue Mirror Lenses Gloss White Outer Frame With Transparent Gloss Mediteranian Blue Inner Polycarbonate Frame


$14.99 Sold Out
"HOME OF THE BRAVE" - Collin Provost UV400, Impact Resistant, Blue and Gold Mirror Lenses Frosted Clear Polycarbonate front Frame With 'Merican Flag

G2's | Blue Tortoise

"If You Build It They Will Come" - Bryan Herman Gloss Blue Tortoise Polycarbonate Frame Silver Metal Rims UV 400, Impact Resistant Lens

Kingston's Blue/Black

"LET IT RIDE" - Braydon Szafranski Transparent Blue w/Black Stripe Polycarbonate Frame Gloss Black Metallic Temple Impact Resistant UV400 Reflective Blue Amber Lens  

Manhattans | Crystal Blue/Red

"Have A Great Day!"  EXTRA LARGE Rounded Frame  Gloss Crystal Blue Polycarbonate Frame UV 400, Impact Resistant Mood Enhancing Red lens 

Socks | Mucho Relaxo

Treat Yo Feat! to these ultra comfortable socks Made in The USA with 100% Mucho Relaxo Mr. Pineapple on the Top


 "You're It!" -TAG Transparent Gloss Turquoise Blue Polycarbonate Frame With Transparent Gloss Turquoise Blue Inner Temples and 90's Wild Life Outer Print Temples One Gold and One Blue UV400 Impact Resistant Mirrored Lenses