Accelerators | Orange/Green

"IGGY FLOP" - Jeremy Leabres Clear Frost Orange Polycarbonate Frame Frost Green Arms Mirrored UV 400 Impact Resistant Lenses 

Flap Jacks | Fluorescent Frosted Green

"Sandal Mafia" -Collin Provost Frosted Flourescent Green Polycarbonate Frame Green Mirror UV 400 Impact Resistant Lense

High Times - Torey Pudwil

"SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY!" - Torey Pudwill Black & Green Weed Leaf Tortoise Polycarbonate Frame UV400 Impact Resistant African Violet mood enhancing Gradient lens 

High Times | Rasta

  "Smoke Weed Every day" -Torey Pudwill UV 400, Impact Resistant African Violet Gradient Lens Transparent Gloss, Rasta Fade Weed Leaf Tortoise Polycarbonate Frame      

High Times | Torey Pudwill Black/green

"Smoke Weed Everyday!" -Torey Pudwill Transparent Gloss Black Polycarbonate Frame With Green Weed Leaves UV400 Impact Resistant Kush Green Reflective Lens 

HoliDaze | Green Mirror

"RUMPLEBUMPSKINS" -Riley Hawk  Hypnotically Engraved Gold Metallic Frame  UV 400 Impact Resistant Indigo/Green Mirrored Lens 

Kingston's Black Green

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"KEEP IT G" - Kevin Romar Gloss Black Polycarbonate Frame With Ninja Turtle Green Metallic Temples UV400 Impact Resistant Auburn Gradient Lens

Mavericks green bone

"Lean With It!" -Beagle Gold Metallic "Aviator" Frame With Chocolate/Bone Tortoise Polycarbonate Outer Temples and Kelly Green Inner Temples UV 400 Impact Resistant Indigo/Blue Mirrored Lens 

Shocking Greens

"CHEERS! MORE BEERS!"- Figgy UV400 Impact Resistant Yellow Mirror Lenses Frosted Transparent Clear and Matte Green Frames


 "You're It!" -TAG Transparent Gloss Turquoise Blue Polycarbonate Frame With Transparent Gloss Turquoise Blue Inner Temples and 90's Wild Life Outer Print Temples One Gold and One Blue UV400 Impact Resistant Mirrored Lenses   

The Bird

  #MuchoRelaxo Transparent Gloss Aquatic Teal Polycarbonate Frame Fades Into a Majestic Orange  UV400 Impact Resistant Reflective Yellow Smoke Grey Lens  

Tropical Sunrise

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"GOOD ON YA!" - Duncombe  Transparent Gloss Crystal Green inner Polycarbonate Frame / Hawaiian Floral Print outer Frame UV400 Impact Resistant Deep Purple Mood Enhancing Gradient Lens