Accelerators | Frosted Yellow/Blue

"Grab A Legend" -Jeremy Leabres Clear Frosted Yellow Polycarbonate Frame W/ Frosted Navy Temples Blue Mirrored UV 400 Impact Resistant Lenses

Electric Bananas

"GO BANANAS" UV400, Impact Resistant Blue Mirror Lenses Frosted Clear and Matte Yellow Polycarbonate Frames

Flap Jacks | Pineapple

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"Make The Call" - Jon Dickson UV 400, Impact Resistant Emerald Green Mirrored Lenses Pineapple Outer Print with Transparent Gloss Pineapple Yellow inner Polycarbonate Frame

High Times | Rasta

  "Smoke Weed Every day" -Torey Pudwill UV 400, Impact Resistant African Violet Gradient Lens Transparent Gloss, Rasta Fade Weed Leaf Tortoise Polycarbonate Frame      


UV400 Imapact Resistant Clear Purple Lenses Gloss Yellow Tortoise Frames