Jamie Tancowny Collection




Dead Moons

"Walking on My Grave" - Al Partenen UV400 Impact Resistant G-19 Gradient mood enhancing Lenses Matte Black With Frost Purple Interior Polycarbonate Frame

G2's | White/Gold

"Everythings Gonna Be All White" -Jamie Tancowny Gloss White Polycarbonate Frame Gold Metal Rims UV 400, Impact Resistant Lenses

Pogue Mahones

"PUCKER UP!" - Tancowny UV400 Impact Resistant Yellow/Green Mirror Lenses Transparent Turquoise and Black Polycarbonate Frame

Too Buck

   "TOO BUCK" -Tancowny  UV 400, Impact Resistant Hawaiian Punch Mirrored Lens Transparent Frosted Merlot Polycarbonate Frame